Hi there! My name is Kate Fisher – it’s great to meet you.

So who am I? I’m a creative at heart who at age 19 jumped head first into running a children’s event and party company. For 15 years I immersed myself in the fun visual world of designing and creating everything related to children’s events – all while finishing my psychology degree in the background.

Although it was my creative side that led me to starting the company, over the years I found 95 % of my work life was spent managing staff, systems,accounting, stock ordering and all the other management tasks that come with running a company – not to mention the weekend hours working in events! Not so much fun for a girl who just wanted to make stuff.

So now in my mid thirties I’ve given it all up to spend more time with my two young boys and get covered in paint! My days are now filled with the fun, frustrations and joys of being a creative! I love dedicating time to doing something I love, that in turn can bring other people some joy in their own homes.
I like to paint both large original abstract artworks and female portraits – depending on my mood or level of patience on any particular day in my studio!

My work is inspired more than anything by colour. I have a huge crush on blue in all it’s shades and this glorious colour tends to make it’s way into most of my canvases for it’s beauty and the positive, calming feelings it evokes. I work mainly with fluid acrylics for the flexibility and spontaneity they allow in my work. When I create a piece my only aim is to enjoy the process and make sure that the finished painting can boost my mood every time I look at it! And if it can do that for me, I hope it will have the same effect on others out there too. Whether they fall in love with the mix of colours, get lost in the details, or just love the subject matter – it doesn’t matter.

As for the personal facts, I live in Adelaide with my imported husband (from Delhi, India) who is an Architect/ project manager by day and grumpy by night, and my two little whirlwinds of chaos. Arjun is 4 and will talk your ear off about cars and planes and transformers and just about anything with wheels… and Ravi, my 2 year old who is both the stubbornest but one of the funniest people I have ever met. Seriously this kid is going to leave me for Hollywood one day.

Anyway – that’s it! It’s been great meeting you..

Want to say hi?

If you want to follow along with my crazy art journey and see more of what I’m up to on a weekly basis than my friends do – join me on instagram and comment away on my pics!

I’m also on facebook.. but since they ruined facebook with their crazy algorithms I have to admit I don’t spend much time there these days! But if that is your preferred social media fix – come find me there and I’ll be sure to say hi.

If you want me to paint something especially for you (or to give to someone you really want to impress!) then please send me an email and we will get it happening.

And if you’re in Adelaide, chances are I know you already since we’re practically just one big family here… otherwise just rock up at Adairs in Harbourtown any given weekend and I’m sure to bump into you. Gorgeous linen – always on sale – i’m there! No, seriously. Every weekend. Poor hubby!

Now speaking of shopping…. let’s go browse my shop and see if there’s something that could make you smile every day if it moved into your place…

Take me shopping!

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