‘Sage For Days II’ abstract art print

From: $140 AUD

This fine art abstract wall print is one in a set of two. It was inspired by the beautiful home of Oh Eight Oh Nine‘s Tarina – and all of the gorgeous bouquets of flowers that often fill her home. It contains a wide range of beautiful colours from sage and olive greens to blue greys, soft pinks and tiny bursts of mustard yellow. It’s a gorgeous choice for a nordic inspired or scandinavian style bedroom but will work well in any timeless setting.

Image credits: First two images in gallery are taken by Tarina of Oh.Eight.Oh.Nine and are of the original paintings.

For those wondering (I get asked all the time!) the original paintings shown in Tarina’s bedroom are 18 x 24 inches or approximately 46 x 61 cms.

The closest print sizes to these are the A2 (42 x 59.4 cms) 40 x 50 cms or 50 x 70 cms.

Please keep in mind that Tarina has a double bed so if your bed is wider you will likely want to go for the 50 x 70 cm size. 


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